Gia Coppola

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The Coppola clan has spawned some mega talented people. There’s the acclaimed director Francis, standing proudly at the helm, guiding the good ship Coppola. Then there’s Sofia and Roman, children of Francis, both celebrated screenwriters and directors in their own right. Let’s not forget Nicholas Cage, who dropped the famous moniker, but never swimming far from his family’s legacy. And what about little Gia, the budding photographer, a girl with a discerning eye and a steady camera. Nepotism might be a dirty word for many of us, but let’s be honest here. If we had a famous last name, a bit of wealth, and some serious showbiz connections, how many of us would hesitate before taking advantage of them? I wouldn’t wait one second, that’s for sure. Make the most of what you’re given, that’s what I believe. And yes, some of us are given more than others. It’s not fair, and it’s not always okay, but that’s the way things go so be sure to take the opportunities ahead of you.