Arturo Delle Donne

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Degree in biology and a PhD in ecology, he began his career as a reporter by publishing a range of services in magazines such as People Travel, Underwater World, and Aqva Whitestar / National Geographic. While opening his studio in Parma, she gets involved in advertising and fashion, and today has to its credit several advertising campaigns and published in various national and international newspapers. In 2005, in collaboration with the Fondazione Solares of Arts in Parma, he undertook the photographic project “Black and White Portraits” with more than fifty portraits of celebrities from the world of entertainment and culture, including Ernest Borgnine, Bernardo Bertolucci, Daniel Pennac Michelangelo Pistoletto, Hanna Schygulla, Edward Galeano, Gerard Depardieu, Emir Kusturica. In June 2008 he won first prize in the creative quality in professional photography in the food category and the jury defines it: “Author of versatility out of the ordinary.” At the end of April 2009 has his own “Tribes” at Atelier Hidden, Parma, the work is part of a larger and ambitious project to be considered the opening words of a trilogy “The Last Breath on Earth.”"Memes” is part of the second strand and the cycle will end with “Clones” in the works.