Peter Beste – Black Metal

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In the last two decades a bizarre and violent musical subculture called black metal has emerged in Norway. It’s roots stem from a heady blend of horror films, extreme heavy metal music, Satanism, pagan mythology, and adolescent angst. In the early-mid 1990′s, members of this extremist underground committed murder, burned down medieval wooden churches, and desecrated graveyards. What started as a juvenile frenzy came to symbolize the start of a war against Christianity, a return to the worship of the ancient Norse gods, and the complete rejection of mainstream society. I spent seven years photographing this insulated and secretive community.

In 2008 Vice books published a large monograph entitled True Norwegian Black Metal


True Norwegian Black Metal
Photographs by Peter Beste
208 Pages. Hardcover. 11.25″ x 14.25″
May 2008 (Vice Books)