Lincoln Clarkes*

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Lincoln Clarkes (born in Toronto, 1957) is an award-winning photographer (National Magazine Awards, silver  Western Magazine Awards, gold [2]), who has published two books, Heroines (Anvil Press), an epic photographic documentary of the addicted women of Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, which won the Vancouver Book Award, and Views, a retrospective of his works (Universal/Northern Electric).
Peace Arch Entertainment produced a one-hour documentary film about Clarkes’ Heroines project called, Heroines: A Photographic Obsession, which has aired on BRAVO! and Women’s Television Network and has screened at numerous festivals.
Clarkes has had solo exhibitions in Vancouver, Toronto and Seattle. His photographs have been used in the feature films Everything’s Gone Green, by Douglas Coupland, directed by Paul Fox, and Atom Egoyan’s The Sweet Hereafter.