Stefano Pedretti

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Stefano Pedretti is a photographer from Rome, Italy. His portraits are incredibly creative and some of them are so cool and distorted that turned a real person into some kind of 3D cartoon.

I studied Architecture. Then I have been an Art Director in advertising industry for 8 years. Adci Member Since 2004 In 2008 “I saw the light!” and I quit agencies in order to dedicate myself to photography. I then started to work again with agencies. As a photographer. Agencies: Young&Rubicam, Saatchi&Saatchi, Brand Portal, Lowe Client: Studio Universal, Q8, Unicef, Lottomatica, Algida, Fox, Microsoft, Renalut, Enel. Awards: Around twenty (Adci, Cannes Lions, NYF, Fwa)