Kelley Ryden

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My three little fellas inspire me daily. I love being a Mommy of 3 boys and I love being a photographer. My home is filled with so many memories of my guys. When I photograph for others, I’m reminded each session how my drive to excel in this craft brings that same joy to my clients. I’m truly motivated each time my camera is in my hand to create the best images possible. I’ve been doing photography since 2003, and mostly newborns since 2005. I have photographed all ages, but my love is newborn portraiture. There is a challenge with each session, a uniqueness with each newborn, and a style that is every changing that always keeps me exploring and growing. I’m self taught, with a background in software engineering, and early childhood development. I’m a bit of a software geek and proud of it! The combination of working with babies and also staying in tune with technology just happens to be a perfect fit for me. Thank you for visiting my website and I look forward to being your baby photographer!!/home