Frauke Thielking

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Frauke Thielking was born in Minden, a small town near Hannover and she was fortunate to spend her childhood in a small village with open skies, green space, lots of other children, lots of animals … and lots of fun. At the age of 10, Frauke, her parents and sister moved to a pretty small town called Lubbecke, which is not far from Minden either. After her A-levels in 1996, Frauke went to London to work as an Au Pair in a very nice family and she really enjoyed her time there. After coming back from London, she first decided to study English & Pedagogy to become a teacher. Accidentally, Frauke “bombed” into a weekend’s seminar at the University in Bielefeld. It was a kind of “Introduction to Photography” – thing and she thought “Well, what about studying photography?” and applied with a portfolio in Bielefeld at the photography department. While travelling in Thailand (in Summer 2000) with a good friend of hers, Frauke got a letter that she’d be a student for Communication Design at the University of Applied Sciences Dortmund from September 2000.
Frauke Thielking finished her studies in Summer 2006 and since then, she has been working as a freelance photographer, designer and independent artist.

All in all, She has spent a happy life so far and she is really enjoying it at the moment. Frauke told us, that of course she also had crisis in he life, but who has not? Crises are actually good – especially when you are through!

“Human Object” – an amazing project and an interesting meditation on man’s place in our modern society, presented by the German photographer Frauke Thielking. In this series, he examines the human body as an ordinary object.

Human Object…