Venetia Dearden*

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Venetia Dearden grew up in Somerset, an area she has been documenting over the past decade, for which she has received various awards and on which she published her first book, “Somerset Stories, Fivepenny Dreams” in 2008. Her second book, “Glastonbury, Another Stage,” published in 2010, was shown in New York, Australia and at the National Portrait Gallery as her first solo show in London. Her work continues to be published worldwide.

An early degree in anthropology fueled her passion for travel and discovery of people and their environment, naturally taking her on a course of documenting all she experienced with her camera. Her use of natural light, subtle and intimate portraits of people and landscapes are highly emotive, spontaneous and a testament to her zest for life.

Venetia recently joined VII Photo Agency in New York and Paris and is also represented by Santucci & Co in London. A two-year collaboration with Mulberry has recently culminated in a bespoke coffee table book released earlier this year celebrating the 40th anniversary of the British brand.

In September 2011, Venetia was awarded the Vic Odden Award by the Royal Photographic Society, for outstanding contribution to photography for a photographer under 35 years of age in the U.K. Her fourth book, “Eight Days,” a personal document of a road trip in the United States, has just been published.