Michael Breitung

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I was born in Germany 1981 and still live here, currently near Erlangen where I work as a software engineer.

My start into photography was quite late, in 2008 and I still remember my first awkward tries at mastering the light. In April 2009 I went to one of the greatest landscapes of the world, the Grand Canyon, and I still remember how overwhelmed I was and how I was struggling to photograph it. I now see this journey as the real starting point for my photography. There I took the first photos which really move me when I look at them and bring back the memories of that landscape.

Since then I did various travels and further tried to develop my style and technique. I think travelling is a very important part of my photography even if I just do it for 3-4 weeks a year. In between there are mostly only short trips around Germany. I think the challenge of visiting different places and trying to photograph them in a way to capture some of their essence, really helped me to move forward in photography.

To bring back some decent photos from those trips, my most important equipment besides my camera and lenses are a sturdy tripod and a set of Lee GND filters. Even though I use those filters most of the times, I still do multiple exposures a lot. Be it with different focal points to later do focus stacking or be it to get a little more detail out of the shadows and highlights and a more even look of the picture.

I hope that when people look at my photos, some of my enthusiasm and excitement when taking them shows through. It’s just great when nature starts it’s play and I’m there to capture it. I’m always looking forward to those moments.