Joy St.Claire

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My photography is an expression of my love of beautiful light, the surprises found in a garden or nature, quiet but powerful still life’s and the feeling of Lake Michigan and Up North nature. I create photographs that cultivate memories of my days spent wandering through the woods at my grandfather’s farm and playing in the garden with my Aunt Anna. It is my hope that my work evokes good thoughts and feelings in the viewer.
I enjoy experimenting with old cameras and the imagery they produce, and find inspiration in old faded photographs and art from past times, especially the art of the 1920s and 1930s.

I can be found traveling around Ohio & Michigan with my co-pilot Maggie May.

I love rays of sunlight and the twilight hour, the sound of windchimes, waves & children’s laughter, the smell of fresh cut grass and autumn leaves… & I love being able to follow my bliss.