Scott Speck

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Scott Speck – photographer,scientist,poet: “My art is where I express myself most freely, and I am a self-taught artist and writer with no formal art training. My photography concentrates on film-based pinhole (lensless) photography, most notably of architectures and landscapes, along with some portrait work. “
I live and work in the Baltimore,DC area, and I am available for commissioned art photography, as well as to give presentations on pinhole photography to groups and clubs.
Though my passion has always been in artistic pursuits, my formal educational background is in math and science, including Bachelors degrees in Physics and Mathematics, as well as Masters degrees in both Astrophysics and Computer Science. Professionally, I have worked with the Hubble Space Telescope project, the James Webb Space Telescope Project, and as a modeling/simulation engineer at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory.