Senka Mušić

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Senka Music is a Graphic design and Photography student from Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina . She has been into photography since her childhood, but her more professional approach started 3 years ago. Currently, her main interest is photography, but she is also interested in drawing, graphic design, painting and art journalism. Driven by her opssesion of capturing people and moments and the fear of being forgotten, she captures people she meets everyday and moments she thinks are precious. She believes that all things and all people are beautiful, in their own way. To show that to the audience is her main goal. Photography is a relief and a struggle. Photography is a constant battle between the eye and the camera, the imagination and reality. Senka tries to combine those elements. Her images keep a form of real, of reality, but still contain a part of her imagination and feelings while capturing a certain subject.
She experiments with film photography and digital photography. Photoshop is always part of the process, as she likes to explore the potenital of her photographs. Vintage russian cameras are her favourites, but digital cameras are easier and faster, so she uses them the most.
She has won the title of The Best Photo of Sarajevo in April, 2012.
Being an artist in any way is a hard battle in her country – Bosnia and Herzegovina. Many young students are trying to show their talent to the world and help their country. Senka Music is one of them.