Bianca van der Werf

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Bianca van der Werf was born in Den Haag, The Netherlands and there she studied Architectural Design at the Royal Academy of Arts. Since 2005 she is hooked on photography and devotes here time to this form of art. Before that time drawing and painting were the forms of expression she used and elements of these art forms are being reused in her photographic experiences.

When viewing her work over a longer period of time one will perceive specific elements which constitutes her signature style. Her creations are not slick nor polished but rather raw, scarred and sometimes look damaged to the viewers perception. This rawness harbors an unmistakable beauty which can cause a certain tension at first glance but turns into a warm embrace when absorbing the experience a little longer.
She has the gift of perceiving the world differently and to amaze those exposed to this perception. The use of barely readable text and scriptlets as part of her signature style arouses curiosity and the experience as a whole invites the audience to indulge in their own fantasy.”