Manjari Sharma* – Darshan

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This project was shot on premises of Bharti Vidya Peeth school of Photography in Pune, India. Many thanks to Rajan Chaughule and Siddharth for his support.

A special thanks for Duggal Labs

Mr. Baldev Duggal owner of the labs who believed in the project and especially Mr. Karl Rudisill who was the production advisor for the printing of these works. Both helped in the sponsorship of the kickstarter print rewards which helped me direct funds towards the actual making of the images.

A big shout to my retouchers Amanda May, Carol Tessitore and Kevin Goggin and for their time and faith in the project.

The video team for all the Darshan Videos have clocked countless hours!



A big shout out to Sandhya Kochar, Sagree Sharma, Greg Miller, Manish Gurbani, Anand Tharaney, Amelia Coffaro, Anahit Pogosian for their friendship and encouragement through this project.