Heidi Lender

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Heidi Lender once reported on the fashion universe for national magazines, writing features and styling photo shoots. With a BA in apparel and textiles from Cornell University, she covered style, design, food and travel from New York to Paris. A soulful search led her to India, where she lived part-time studying yoga, and subsequently taught in San Francisco in her own studio. In 2009, she finally found herself – behind the lens of her first digital SLR, and retired her pen and yoga professorship in favor of making pictures. She currently splits her time between Northern California and Garzon, Uruguay.

Heidi Lender has created one of the most beautiful ode mother. In a series of photographs she has played the role of women in a black wig and heels, which addresses women’s everyday affairs – preparing meals, going shopping, walking with a child.

She Can Leap Tall Buildings…