Richard Allenby-Pratt

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Richard Allenby-Pratt is a photographer based in Dubai, UAE. Professionally, most of his work is in the advertising and design industries, and he is probably best known for his automotive and location work.

It’s less well known that he also moonlights as a documentary photographer for international editorial publications. Whenever appropriate, he tries to incorporate this approach and style into his commercial photography.

He is passionately committed to his personal art projects and exhibiting them. Please keep an eye on the news banner of this website for upcoming events.

Since winning Silver at the London Association of Photographer’s Awards in 1999, Richard has won a number of other significant awards including Middle East Advertising Photographer of the Year in 2002, The Al Thani Landscape Photography Award in Qatar in 2003, and honourable mentions at the International Photography Awards in New York in 2005.

More recently Richard has won Silver in Px3 2011 in Paris and has again been selected for this year’s 2011 AOP Awards in London.

“Abandoned Dubai” – a series of photographs created by Richard Allenby-Pratt. The concept is a Dubai, people left in 2017. Successful images, mixing ruins, desert, fauna, and technology.