Sergey Korolkov*

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Photographer from Moscow, Russia.
Employee Image Look Models.

I engaged in photography in the beginning of 2009 and it’s not just my hobby.

Photo shooting is my passion or even more. I’d like to show people being at their best.
I want them to look gorgeous so I add charm, glamour and some style.

I’m not really fond of a traditional photoshoot. It’s boring. I prefer so-called «an esthetics of a casual shot». I try to create an atmosphere where a person feels at ease. It’s the main secret of my photos.

I dislike posing and the camera between me and a model, that’s why I try to do my the best in order to make this fact unnoticeable. At this moment all occurs in a flash. It’s needed to catch the person’s essence for fraction of a second. This method allows me to make a lot of magnificent pictures, it is colourful, attractive, reflecting you in the best display of happiness.