James Stone

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I have been practising photography for around 18 years now and started with my first film camera all those years ago. I was shooting film for years before I got into digital photography when it first started to become popular. I cannot remember what the first digital camera was that I bought, but I know the quality was terrible!

Digital photography has improved significantly since then and about 6 years ago I bought my first real DSLR. It was a fantastic camera and I spent many days wandering around with that and a cheap Sigma lens attached. This really was the start of me taking photography seriously and thinking about making the leap from amateur to pro.

In 2010 I left my full time job to pursue my first major project. In 2010 I was awarded my Associates qualification in the BIPP and the RPS for my documentary photography and since then I have started my journey into documenting traditional tribal cultures in Africa and creating emotive art pieces of those people. This body of personal work is supported by my commercial work, where I have provided portrait, commercial and fine art services to a range of clients from local small to medium size businesses up to media giants such as Red Bee Media and Channel 4.

I currently now work for the NGO Plan International and I hope to support them in their causes both professionally and personally.

If you wish to contact me, please get in touch via the contact page.

Website: www.jamesoliverstone.co.uk