Filip Dujardin

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Filip Dujardin handles with architectural photography and he is fascinated by the sculptural shapes of the buildings.
His job makes possible to combine his two great passions: photography and architecture, subjects he deepened during his studies. Often, he took a stab at taking photos of impersonal buildings in Belgium, in particular in Gand, city where he was born. This activity caused him a great sense of frustration because of the lack of expressive power of the architectures.
So, he soon needed to be the protagonist of the architectural structure of the building and decided to create an artistic technique that makes him free to be an architect, even if he doesn’t work with Cad, Rhinoceros and physical models: digitally, he designs architectures, with a strong sculptured impact, by using small architectural fragments, coming from the bulidings that he had shooted.
Dujardin tries to design architectural structures which are half way between what is real and what is unreal; structures which are too abstract to be real and too real to belong to science fiction.