Laura Hartley

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I am an ex-professional photographer who left to become a real artist. For the most part, I use medium format and antique cameras, with 120 or 220 Tri-X film; old school, sean nos. My favorite cameras are my Haselblad and my Mamiya.

I absolutely adore ambient lighting, and shun lights and flashes now that I can. In my photographs, I really wish to “take you there” to the scene, as it were, as I saw it. So, I do not alter my photos in any way, preferrring to maintain visual honesty as much as I can. That’s not to say I don’t dig photo shop – I DO. It’s just not for me!

I have a couple of fairly meaningless higher degrees in Photography, but my basic assessment is this: You’re either born with, or you’re not; a good eye, that is. This is not taught: an eye for composition; an appreciation of the subtle nuances of every day scenes and the world and people.

I hope to capture these things in their timelss beauty.

You be the judge. And hey, thank for your time. There are many amazing photographers and artists here. I DO appreciate your picking mine to view.