Sama Alshaibi*

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Sama Alshaibi is an artist born in Basra, Iraq to an Iraqi father and Palestinian mother and is now a naturalized US citizen. Alshaibi’s works evoke the language of suffering, displacement and loss. She often uses her own body as both a protaginist and a site, linking struggles and the way that nations have affected and twisted lives in bodily performances. Her auto-ethnographic approach is informed by her own history of living in war, the double negation to her familial homelands and her countless encounters with those policing borders from the undesired. An Assistant Professor of Photography at the University of Arizona, Alshaibi received her MFA in Photography & Video and Media Arts at the University of Colorado at Boulder. A photographer, video artist and accomplished filmmaker, Alshaibi has exhibited in over 20 countries. She is represented in Europe by Selma Feriani Gallery (London) and in the Middle East / North Africa by Lawrie Shabibi (Dubai). Recently she was accepted in the prestigious Light Work artist-residency program in 2010 (NY), exhibited her first solo in London (â € œZero Sum Gameâ €??) And premiered her collaborative short dramatic film â € œEnd of Septemberâ €?? at the Chicago Palestine Film Festival, 2010.