Dennis Calvert

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Dennis Calvert is a photographer and artist living in Cullman, Alabama.
Light painting photographer Dennis Calvert has only been light painting since 2009 but what he lacks in time served he makes up for with his innovation. Dennis is best known for creating some stunning images using a circle tool that he invented. His favorite light painting artists are the team of JanLeonardo Woellert and Joerg Miedza, known as LAPP-PRO; the influence of LAPP-PRO can be seen in Dennis’s current work. Dennis is a regular contributor to the Flickr group Light Junkies where his images have racked up ten of thousands of views! When Dennis is asked what light painting is he says this, “ The ability to see in 4 dimensions, time traveling, and creating fantasy using only what we base all reality on, light.” Watch for Dennis to continue to push the limits of light painting photography, he has some crazy new tools in the works.