Frank W Ockenfels*

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Photographer — Frank W. Ockenfels 3 is a Los Angeles based photographer who has spent more than two and a half decades working as a portrait photographer, photographing musicians, celebrities, corporate heads and everyday people. His images have graced the covers of Rolling Stone, Esquire, GQ, Men’s Health, Blender, Newsweek, Wired, Entertainment Weekly, Spin, New York Magazine and People to name a few. His work has appeared on the pages of such diverse magazines as W, Maxim, Men’s Journal, Popular Mechanics, New York Times Magazine, Los Angeles Times Magazine, Outside, Playboy and UK Conde Nast Traveler.He has worked with most major record labels and has done over 200 album covers and press shoots for musicians such as David Bowie, Willie Nelson, No Doubt, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Strokes, Wilco, Garbage, and LeAnn Rimes to name a few. Frank has photographed movie posters including The Social Network, The Last Airbender, Jonah Hex, Legion, Time Travelers’ Wife, Hellboy 2, Wanted, The Incredible Hulk, Harry Potter, Chronicles of Riddick, Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind for studios such as Universal, Paramount, Focus Features, Warner Brothers, Sony and Fox. He has done TV advertising campaigns for all the major networks including ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox and CW and cable channels such as AMC, FX, E!, Lifetime, TNT, Showtime and HBO.Frank has also directed for many years. He has directed music videos for bands such as Alice in Chains, Blues Travelers, Johnny Lang, the Deftones, Better than Ezra, and Everclear. He has also shot commercials for clients such as Nike, Converse, K-Swiss, Canon and the New York Times and on-air promos for the CW, E!, The Style Channel and Comcast.Frank is a nimble problem solver. His ability to adapt to unusual ten minute situations as well as staying away from the obvious seem to be qualities that set him apart from other photographers. He believes in meeting someone first and then deciding what the image will be. Working with artificial and existing light, he collaborates with the subject to create a unique moment. In many ways Frank is unconventional. He believes that photography can still have moments of purity without being overly conceptualized or retouched.

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