Jean-Louis Klein & Marie-Luce Hubert

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Photographers Jean-Louis Klein & Marie-Luce Hubert filmed scenes from the secret life of a field mouse and its offspring.

Jean-Louis Klein
Jean-Louis has been passionate about ornithology and animal photography from the age of 15. He has undertaken numerous expeditions through the natural environments of Europe between 1970 and 1998 ( from the Delta of Gadalquivir in Spain to Varanger Fjord in Norway). Working as a forester in Hautes Vosges from 1978 till 1993, he studied more particulary the biology of the Hazel Hen (Bonasa bonasia) from 1983 till 1990. In 1985 his film on the Capercaille, shot on 16mm film, was aired on FR3.

Marie-Luce Hubert
Marie-Luce is an ardent admirer of horses and wolves. From 1982 till 1990, she studied Biology at the Universities of Nancy in France and Sarrebrucken in Germany, where she specialized in ethology (the study of animal behaviour). Fascinated by the arctic regions, she has studied the biology of the Musk Ox (Ovibos moschatus) during several stays in Scandinavia and Greenland. She has also completed expeditions in Canada and in the Northern reaches of Europe, including a crossing from the South to the North of Iceland on foot.