Chris Lewis

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Chris Lewis’s technical precision, natural aptitude for process and flair for lighting converge in his polished, immaculate images. But it’s not all about technique for this specialist in automotive, marine and aviation photography. He has always had a passion for cars and this distinguishes his evocative images. It’s not just a job for Chris – he has to have an affinity for the subject, so you won’t find him shooting fashion, say, though his lack of interest in that area may cause despair in his stylist partner, Elaine.

His technical side flourished in an early role working in electron microscopy at the Auckland Medical School before he switched lenses to seek inspiration in a more creative way. He gained his photographic grounding in a commercial studio where he worked in the dark room before becoming a photographer’s assistant. He now gets great pleasure helping upcoming photographers on their path.

As he has become increasingly specialised over twenty-plus years, his work arena has steadily moved from the studio to the outdoors where he always pined to be shooting, whether cars on country roads or boats out on the water. From his home in Queenstown he can look to the landscape that’s another favoured subject for his own building body of work.

What gets him excited? A good dusting of snow on the skifields and when he has set up a shot and the light comes right – when the magic happens.