Andreas Smetana

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Photography is an adventure for Austrian-born Andreas Smetana. It wasn’t a calling, though. Thrown into an apprenticeship after leaving school, he first fell in love with the inspiring people in the industry and his love for the work itself soon followed.

After a stint as an assistant, he took the courageous step of starting his own studio in Innsbruck at the age of 22. In hindsight, he wouldn’t recommend it, but it was a fantastic learning curve.

Three years on, in 1993, just as his work was taking off, he moved to Sydney. He did the rounds of the agencies and, then an English novice, learned fast that “see you later” didn’t mean “we’ll call you”. But once he got his first gig, he never looked back.

Andreas finds inspiration in the whole process that culminates in his striking images. He loves connecting with people creatively to hammer out a brief, visually pushing the boundaries to find an edge and individual flavour.

Ironically, perhaps, for a man from a landlocked country, sailing is his other great love, after family. He wanted a hobby to balance his work and, living on a small island off Sydney’s north shore, sailing was an obvious choice. Now his old Westsail 32 is his floating man shed where he can tinker as well as relax with his wife and kids. There, like in his work, he’s never bored.