Sebastian Klingk

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my name is Sebastian Klingk, 24 years old now living in Dauchingen, Germany a small city between Stuttgart and Konstanz.
Just recently I finished an education as photographer that lasted 3 years and grants me a diploma according to German industry standards for photography.
Photography started for me as for many people as a hobby, over the year it grew to a passion and all the motivation received from people close to me encouraged me to make it finally my profession. Already during my education I started working as a freelancer, which gained me a huge contact network to the national and international photo art scene.
Whilst meeting people in various genres I refined my style particularly in the areas fashion and people being until today my focus. The personal atmosphere when working with people, the interface between fashion designer and model on location to deliver in the end the picture realizing the world of imagination every designer typically has – all those elements keep me going, make me restless and enthusiastic in the field of photographic art.
I love the concept of, cause it represents a good idea to me and combines totally different genres under one big roof. To me this site makes the difference!

Yours sincerely Sebastian…