Tamara Cerna

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Tamara Cerna takes place from family that emigrated to Остраву from Галиции, of Lviv, in the period of October revolution . She grew in terms very sympathetically to the theatre, music, art and art on the whole. In Остраве, in childhood she studied to the art of dance.In the native city, she visited the ballet studio of theatre, and later studied in a ballet studio that it was chosen her for the study of ballet. The got universal education of art, the lessons of the solo singing were added.
During the eight-year educating at school she came forward in many ballet raising of the State theatre in Остраве, there are many important international soloists of ballet and choreographers in that учавствовали. Except the interesting meeting in a world culture, often traveled and worked with the leading figures of Russian and foreign ballet of elite. After completion of higher education in Моравско-силезского the National theatre, became the soloist of ballet.
Her work and generates the unusual and interesting opera raising. By the talent she substantially influenced on psychological character of heroes and inlaid deep internal experience in the heroine, and also with high aesthetics and technique of dance. Especially it should be noted Ann Каренину and Carmen, Svanilda from Коппелия, and also dancing raising Eva.
At that time she met and worked with such celebrities, как:Сержа Лифаря, Boris Брегвадзе, Хорхе of Донн, Irene Karlovna Строде, Alexander Львов and many other.
A little later, Tamara decided to extend the education.
She successfully handed over a test in ГИТИС(Russian university of dramatic art). In spite of all events, unfortunately, she could not go to Moscow in connection with a political situation. After velvet revolution she took advantage of favourable political situation, and extended the education in Jam.
Cooperating with a theatre she began to work as a photographer. Her photos mainly portraits, reporting, of streetfoto and certainly dramatic situations in everyday life of people . She took off the portraits of many visible figures in area of theatrical culture(soloists, singers and ballet dancers), not only Czech but also large international artists.
As well as in the roles that she carried out, in her photos, demonstrated as a rule, saturated gamut of human emotions and dramatic situations of ordinary people. Her cycles of well-known cerouss of Hrusov of children, that represent habitants of Ostrava, Myroslav. Tamara Cerna compare to such authors, as well as Josef Koudelka, Fedor Gabcan or Sikula Питер, that engages in the questions of gipsies. Author in the works of to examine beauty and humaneness in people. Her photos were often proposed on a motherland and abroad.