Alberto Garcia Alix* – THREE SAD VIDEOS

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The trilogy consists of three video pieces by the artist which combine photography and video fragments along with deep and poetic texts narrated by the artist himself.  These are autobiographical pieces, made during his stay in Paris, which tell of the author’s life and his photography, intimately interconnected.
The trilogy begins with My hunter’s soul at stake. It portrays the author´s arrival in Paris, where he goes to recover from an illness. The streets of Paris, its people and a feeling of strangeness surround the artist who shares with viewers his personal photographic struggle, all accompanied by an abstract original soundtrack and fast-paced video cuts.
Stranger to myself is the second installment of the trilogy, also taking place in Paris. It is a second stage in which the artist moves us with a lyrical narrative and photographs of perfect composition. Love, pain… the artist shares his emotions through his images and voice.
Three black flies is a video self-portrait. An intense monologue in which the artist confronts himself and his image in a dark and intense digital game, accompanied by his faltering voice and the music of Daniel Melingo.