Inga Ivanova

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Inga is a very talented artist from Armenia. In her works she steps over the bounds of conventional photography.
Her art is notable for their originality, sensitivity and infinite imagination. The seemingly distorted reality at closer look reveals positive energy and cascades of emotions. Her works are full of contradictory dynamism. At times they have cosmic mystery and, at times, they awaken very realistic feelings. Inga doesn’t give names to her artworks, so each viewer perceives them subjectively and understands them at the levels of his own subliminal comprehensions. This is because these works are the result of Inga’s internal state of mind. Her works are spontaneous, but never artificial. She perceives and recreates the world through the lens of her own truth.

Inga graduated from the National Academy of Fine Arts Yerevan. She has participated in numerous exhibitions including the solo exhibition in Naregatsi Art Center in Yerevan.