Igor Gaidai

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Gaidai, Igor, (January 22, 1961 (51 years), Kharkov, Ukraine) – photographer, author of the photo-book “Ukrainians. The beginning of the third millennium “(1996-2003) and” 9 months + 3 days “(2006-2008).
He graduated from the Kiev Institute of Theater and Cinema of them. Karpenko-Kary in 1983 on specialty cameraman. Diploma thesis “Dragon”, taken from a Greek film director Antonis Papadopoulos based on the same story of Ray Bradbury received the award at a film festival “Youth” and later presented at various international film festivals.
Since 2004 he has been working on the projects’ time. UA »and« Families of Ukraine. “Since 2007 – the project “Saman”.
Series: Saman…