Gianluca Giannone

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Gianluca Giannone fell in love with photography at the age of 9 while using an old Polaroid given to him by his father. In junior high school he discovered the darkroom thanks to his applied sciences teacher.

He entered the faculty of architecture and after completing his military service enrolled in a photography course geared towards fashion and advertising.

He gained additional experience working as an assistant to internationally renowned photographers in Europe and the rest of the world.

Gianluca divides his time between personal research and reportage of a socio-geographic nature (Italy, Ecuador, Galapagos, Morocco, Mexico and Turkey) and his work as an assistant photographer for fashion magazines and advertising campaigns including Police (Bruce Willis, George Clooney and David Beckham), Marlboro (Max Biaggi), Killer Loop (Valentino Rossi), Lotto, Sergio Tacchini, Diadora, Murphy and Nye, Sundek, Argentovivo, Freddy, etc.

He has photographed advertising campaigns, including one for Peroni Gran Riserva Beer, and at the same time worked in the fashion and travel sector for magazines including Vanity Fair, Traveller-Conde Nast, Gente Viaggi, Saveur USA and Style.
In 2000, he became involved in the Italian music scene which led to a close friendship with the Bandabardo and eventually resulted in a working relationship. He created the album covers and CD booklets for four of their albums (“Se mi rilasso… collasso”, “Bondo Bondo!”, “Tre passi avanti” and “Fuori Orario”) making use of styles ranging from “classic” photography to computer graphics.
He does backstage and live photo shoots during concerts and designs posters and other promotional materials for avant-garde theatre in Milan.
He nurtures a particular interest for everyday life and the world that is inconspicuous, submerged, hidden. For weeks he immersed himself in the reality of commuter life in Milan, that of the everyday traveler, from which he produced a photo-reportage on the city’s workers.
In 2007 he completed “No Cars in Milan”, a reportage of the city in which no automobiles appear.
He has also created the print campaigns “Il sud si muove” for the Ministry of Transportation, “Ti diamo credito” for the Ministry of Youth Affairs, as well as campaigns for the Bayer pharmaceutical company.
His passion for architecture led him to begin documenting the great factories of Italian industry, long ago fallen into disuse, and which today are being retransformed. He has created a rich portfolio of what remains of the areas of Ansaldo-Breda, Magneti Marelli, Innocenti Rubattino and Montedison.
He continues to create photographs in which architecture is reflected to create surreal worlds with impossible structures. “Mirrored World” began in 2006. Symmetry in nature does not exist, yet this project reproduces an imaginary reflected world which tricks the viewer’s eye: in the apparent symmetry of the subject, subtle differences appear.
Since 2007, Gianluca has worked continuously with Riders magazine for whom he photographs still life and reportages of the world of motorcycles.
He uses both analog and digital cameras of small, medium and large format.