Dina Goldstein

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Iam a freelance photographer working from Vancouver B.C. I have been shooting editorial, commercial and my own projects for over a decade and a half. I love collaborating and working on original concepts.
Dina Goldstein has placed popular Disney princesses in modern-day scenarios to capture real issues that women today face.
Goldstein—who did not grow up exposed to fairytales—researched on the original Grimm Brothers stories only to discover their darker endings.
In her series titled ‘Fallen Princesses’, Goldstein sought to portray the princesses dealing with current issues, such as addiction, self-image and illness.
Beauty is depicted as going under the knife for cosmetic surgery, Rapunzel has cancer, Snow White is trapped in a domestic nightmare while Little Red Riding Hood munches away on fast food and is, well, not so little any more.
Perhaps one of the most striking is Jasmine, seen engaging in gun battle out on the Arabian desert.
Series: Fallen Princesses…