Michael Tighe

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Michael Tighe is a photographer, writer, actor based in Los Angeles.
He grew up in Manhattan, New York City. Took to photography at a very young age. Started shooting formal portraits as a teenager and began working professionally at 18.
After graduating high school in 1973 he studied with famed portrait photographers Philippe Halsman and Arnold Newman, major influences in his early work.
He was soon shooting regularly for Andy Warhol’s “Interview Magazine”, where his career took off. Leading to more magazine work with GQ, Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, Esquire, Premiere, Entertainment Weekly, Newsweek, and some lucrative fashion work. In the early 80s he directed his attention towards the entertainment business, eventually moving to Los Angeles where he continues to work.
Currently he is developing a one man show / theatrical production for the stage, recounting his career… “Confessions of a Celebrity Photographer”.