Bernhard Quade

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Born in 1966 next to the biggest open coal mine in the world.

Since I am a child I was always impressed how this coal mine changes the whole life of so many people and also changes their surrounding, the landscape. In all the time the big digging machines have vanished more than 25 villages.
In this surrounding I did my first photographs, starting with landscapes, the industry and portraits when I was 14 years old.

I was After grammar school I studied mechanical engineering, because I was so impressed how machines can change everything. At the end of my university study, there was my wish be more creative, the wish to design machines, not calculate anymore. So, my diploma was a design of a 30m placer yacht.
All the first study I used all my spare time to do photographs in industrial surroundings and on many journeys in Europe.

After working as a boat designer I decided to study once more: Photography!
I moved to Haarlem (the Netherlands), there was a little private school for photography.
After 3 years and my second diploma, I worked for years as a photographer in Amsterdam.
Now I am living again in Germany, but traveling many times to Italy, where my girl friend is from and The Netherlands.

About my photographs:
Since I am young I am impressed about the fact how the nature changing the people, how the people are changing the nature.

Often I do not only landscapes but portraits, because I like to concentrate me on the fact how the life, the little wishes and thoughts but also the surrounding changed the faces of people.

In my landscape pictures are no people, but me as the photographer decided the point of view and the moment making the picture, so in every picture their is a special light. Like the digging machine changing the nature I change most of the time in my pictures the colors and sometimes also the sky. At the end the photograph will give a romantic view of a “changed” world.