Jorge Luis Álvarez Pupo*

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Born in Havana, Cuba in 1970.
Lives and works Sao Paulo/Brussels

I use Self-reference within my work as a justification that keep me inside the phenomena I am talking about, a way of watching myself on a mirror instead of pointing into another.
I want to push out a sensorial discharge of the transformation you pass by in your life, using a body as an instrument, the body as the main protagonist of our existence, it suffers, loves, grows, falls apart.
My series I was Born kind of blues is a referential metaphor to Miles Davis album Kind of Blue, which transmits feelings of a very diverse nature and states of mind in a kind of “Blues-Jazz” mixture. The title is an associative appropriation of two different media which are “playing” with the same emotions still have the purpose of being part of the speech instead being the speaker.
I normally work on the base of a kind of imaginary with an apparently peaceful spirit and visually romantic, but it has a deep charge of loneliness, it is a visual paradox where the fact that you are quietly sharing very close portions of space with others does not mean you are emotionally in plenitude, it is just a “shelter” to feel yourself protected.
I am talking about my own conflicts and other’s. I’ve kept an interest in manipulating light, including zones of darkness, shadow (as zones of silence), where you whisper to hide your real feelings. I use photography as an unwritten diary of people around me, contemporary society and myself as part of it.