Gilles de Beauchene*

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Gilles de Beauchene is an established advertising and editorial photographer. He opened his studio in 1989 and has since made a career working for some of the finest luxury brands in the world. He is particularly recognised and sought after for his still-life imagery.

Gilles has also personal body of work that comes together to create masterful images that capture the imagination. He combines traditional and digital photography and has us travel beyond the realm of dreams, from the infinitely great to the infinitely small, into his composition where desire and fantasy have full expression. Gilles offers a unique and futuristic vision of the changing world.

In all his work, his aesthetic and surreal-looking images are haunting and elegant. They challenge our sense of reality and are infused with a dreamlike quality. Gilles has a virgin love of photography itself. He continually reinvents himself. And it shows.
Gilles is based just a few steps from Paris la Defense (France).