Emmanuel Berry

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Emmanuel Berry was born in Sens, France, in 1971.

Former student of Serge Gal, Emmanuel has a strong passion for large format photography, as well as for the Zone System technique. In 1992, he met Robert Frank and became good friends with Paolo Roversi; through them he would soon discover the Polaroid with which he would work exclusively for many years. These friendships would profoundly influence his work in the years to come.
Winner of the Ilford Prize in 1994, his first exposition took place in 1999, along side painter Jean-Pierre Pincemin. Several other expositions of his personal works soon followed, in Paris, through out France’s province and internationally.
In 2006, his project on the former psychiatric hospital of Auxerre was shown at Yonne province’s Center of Art. This same year, his project entitled « The Birds of Sens » was displayed during the Month of Photography display at France’s National Museum of Natural History in Paris. It was also published and released as a soft-cover collection bearing the same name.
In 2007 Emmanuel began working with Gallery Photo4 in Paris, as well as with Lakemaker New Berlin Art Gallery in Berlin in 2008.