Lawrence Schiller*

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December 28, 1936
Born, Brooklyn, New York
Family moves to San Diego, California
Attends La Jolla High School
Wins five High School Graflex Awards, and writes a chapter on lighting for the book
Graphic–Graflex Photography
Graduates from La Jolla High School, La Jolla, CA
Works with Andy Lopez, photographer for the Acme NewsPix, in New York as his photographic assistant
Begins publishing in Sport magazine and The New York Times
Writer Jacob Deschin labels Schiller “A Pro at Sixteen” in US Camera magazine
Wins Socialistic Sports Association scholarship to Pepperdine College, Los Angles, California
Wins Scholastic Magazine Photographic Awards
Published first photos in The Saturday Evening Post
Publishes first photograph in Life magazine; photo titled “Head Over Heals in Work”
Graduates from Pepperdine College
Photographs first playmate, Joan Staley, for Playboy magazine
Publishes first color photographs of dancer Julie Newmar, in Life magazine
With wife Judi Schiller, has first of three children, Suzanne, Marc, and Howard
Photographs Richard Nixon’s unsuccessful campaign for President of the United States for Paris Match magazine
Wins National Press Photographers Association and Encyclopedia Awards “Best Storytelling Photo” for photo of Nixon losing to John F. Kennedy
Photographs Marilyn Monroe on the set of Something’s Got to Give for Paris Match magazine
Publishes his first Life magazine cover of Marilyn Monroe
Publishes his second Life magazine cover of Marilyn Monroe
Photographs the events surrounding the assassination of John F. Kennedy in Dallas, Texas, for The Saturday Evening Post, where he photographs Lee Harvey Oswald and Jack Ruby
Wins numerous awards in the Picture of the Year Competition sponsored by the National Press Photographers Association, University of Missouri School of Journalism and World Book Encyclopedia
Photographs Muhammad Ali–Floyd Patterson fight in Las Vegas for Sport magazine
Publishes a major photographic essay on the indiscriminate use of LSD for Life magazine and brings out his first book on the same subject
Art Seidenbaum of the Los Angeles Times profiles Schiller in New West magazine.