Katya Legendre*

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Upon completion of training fine arts Katya Legendre began to learn a new language – the language of photography. Beginning her career can be described 1998, when she was photographed on the set and stage.

At the same time she began working in the studio and took up photojournalism, making a lot of reports for various agencies. In 1999 Legendre work exhibited at the International Exhibition Hall muzeograficheskih methods (Salon International des Techniques Museographiques). Soon, in the mind of the photographer began to crystallize the concept ANATOLE

Legendre Exhibitions held in New York, Nice, Paris – the Palais de Tokyo (Contemporary Art Museum) and the central market in the Forum (Forum des Halles), a series of works «ANATOLE INSIDE »was represented by well-known Young Gallery in Brussels. The idea A.N.A.T.O.L.E. Katie was born in the imagination of Legendre and was supported by Stephen Cherkov. A.N.A.T.O.L.E. – A doll, which for some time appeared in each photograph Legendre. This character, who became an actor rather than simply the subject, represents innocence, faced with the reality of our modern and culture. A.N.A.T.O.L.E. becomes a kind of stitch that binds reality with unreality.