Robert van der Hilst

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Dutch photographer Robert van der Hilst (1940) graduated from the Fotovakschool when he was 19 and left his native country when he was 20. Since then he’s kept moving, establishing an international reputation along the way as the author of photographic travel essays that have been published and exhibited throughout the world. Embedding himself in the grass-roots of some of the world’s richest cultures, his work documents the details of local ordinariness with the eye and sensitivity of a Dutch painter. Focusing on interiors since 2001, he has captured with unique intimacy the unseen spirit and character of nations at historic moments of transition. A tall outsider in alien settings, communicating with his subjects through eyes, emotions and feelings, he gives us a privileged glimpse into private realms and the quietness, pride, serenity and togetherness of the people that live there and makes us feel welcome.