Alberto Garcia Alix* – DO NOT FOLLOW ME … I’M LOST

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This project brings together the photographic work of Alberto García-Alix from 1976 until 1986.
Since his first negatives, García-Alix shows us a fresh and audacious look at his surroundings, a reality in which he is so immersed that he engulfs that time of reflection that entails a conscious gaze.  The most important thing was not the photographic event, but the time he was living, the encounters, the landscapes of his youth. In the eyes that the photographs of this period took, there emanates a mix of innocence and searching.  An anxious search that is slowly taking over the image, constructing itself, as we move towards 1986. That is the year when Alberto García-Alix becomes aware of his status as photographer and moves to the midsize format.  In this last stage, we can see much more elaborate compositions, a greater engagement with the subject. An intense encounter that characterized the rest of his work.
If anyone can talk about Alberto García-Alix, it is me.  I have witnessed his time and his adventures. His steps have also been my steps. It is possible that we have exchanged  shadows, because when I leave him and head toward the dream, I fear the shadow that follows me is his. A thousand times have I thought our friendship is held together by something more powerful than love. By fear. Mine, of course. Something in him, perhaps his folly or madness towards which it draws me, also scares me. I have reason to feel this way;  I have been, unflinchingly, his inseparable companion since 1976.