Svetlana Petrukhova*

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She was born in Moscow, graduated from school in Geneva and received her degree in economy in Paris. For 8 years, starting from the opening day, she worked in the Moscow branch of the fashion magazine ELLE.

Svetlana’s hobby is the interior design. The passion for photography came about 10 years ago, when Svetlana was travelling in different countries. Almost by accident an old Zenit came around and played a crucial part in her life. Few years Svetlana spent between Europe and South-East Asia on a wooden sailing vessel while involved in the NAVALTES project.

Passion for photography didn’t go anywhere and upon her return to Russia in 2007, a firm decision to pursue the passion was made. Intuitive photo-knowledge, grew and got confirmed in the “Academy of Photography”. Svetlana graduated the course under the direction of Dmitriy Ershov.