Alberto Garcia Alix* – THE PLACE OF NO RETURN

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García-Alix leads us through a journey between the present and the past of his work and therefore of his own biography. A trip to memory, an “endless monologue” through which his most intimate and poetic side brings us closer to him.  The focus of the project is based on the audiovisual work of the same name. The author, through his own voice, reflects from a subjective present on his past and that of photography.


Photography links together my memory. It does not limit my memory to the visual .

The melancholic feeling of the undeniable becomes visible.

The soul of photography is the encounter.

If yesterday I photographed silences, today I photograph my own voice.

This trip woven over a memory of lights, flashes, optical illusions, seeks a revelation.

A bridge.

A bridge over the abyss.

A feeling’s visible scenery in step with my emotions.

Today I have the awareness that a way of looking is a way of being.

Photography is a powerful medium.

It leads us to the other side of life.

And there, trapped in its world of lights and shadows,

being only presence, we also live.

Immutable. No sorrows. Our sins redeemed.

Finally tamed… frozen.

On the other side of life, from where there is no return.