David Gilliver

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I’m based in Melbourne, Australia.

I’ve been dabbling in photography since buying my first digital camera in 1998. These days it’s become a pretty serious hobby. I’m an amateur who strives to produce professional-quality images.

I am an active member of the Melbourne Camera Club and was co-ordinator of their Portrait Group for 2005-2007. I have taught some sessions of their “Introduction to Photography” course on “Light and Lighting” and “Digital Photography” and other occasional sessions on basic lighting principles and techniques.

My photos have been used on websites for the Rosstown Hotel, singer/songwriter Deborah Conway, ‘blues’ duo Matt Walker & Ashley Davies and in the artwork of albums by Stephen Cummings, The Dunaways and The Prozac Blues Band.

My primary interest is portrait photography. I enjoy the process of working with a ‘model’ to get an image that we both think is damn cool (what’s the point otherwise?). I’m known for my love of playing with different lighting effects and tricks.

It is unusual for me to re-touch images as I try to get a shot to look good by using lighting, camera tricks or makeup. I do not like my images to look “Photoshopped” and I’m not a fan of excessive fake tan or makeup.

When working with models, I try to keep the shoot relaxed and fun and I’m usually paranoid about whether my model is comfortable. This is my hobby so I don’t want either of us to be stressed about something as frivolous as taking some photos.

I also dabble in gig, event and children photography.