Aoi Kotsuhiroi

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Aoi Kotsuhiroi is a talent, an artist, a photographer and a story teller. What she does is hard to define without using the word “exquisite” every second on the way.
She doesn’t call her creations, designs because Aoi believes that the use of the word design has become a marketing label to replace the word ‘product’. Now based in France, she keeps on creating exquisite works through chapters. I had the chance to ask her a couple of questions about her Body objects. The first part of the story is called ‘Wet Moon’. It is followed by ‘Nowhere’ and finally the three chapter long Exotic Regrets. All of them are filled with emotions, and far from this world that we know of. They each represent an unfamiliar territory for us -the observer- and go out from our safety zone. These pieces that she makes are neither fashion, nor art. She calls them body objects as to represent, and not limit the essence of the pieces and acknowledge the story and thought process behind them.