Aela Labbe

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Aela Labbe is photographer and dancer from Nantes, France. Her tender, often a bit blurry pictures radiate a dreamy atmosphere you can find in old fairy tales. Flower wreaths, soft colours, forests and lakes are among her main motifs.
About her work she writes:
My work consists of constructed scenes, filled with something that wavers between sorrowfulness and poignant delight and belonging to a realm where the body language and its emotions are essential.
My family is another key that unlocks the world I have created through photography; my nephews, in particular, are the main protagonists of my photographs. It was thanks to them that childhood has become a recurrent and determinant theme in my work. It is based on a different vision that aims to show a darker side, and mystery, through unconventional representations of the early time of life.
In the most recent part of my work, I tried to dramatize the relationship between humanity and nature, aiming again at objectifying my deeper and most peculiar feelings, my ethic and values, reaching a point where photography and ethereality merge imperceptibly.