Brandt Campbell

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Brandt Campbell is a multidisciplinary artist in Denver, CO.

I took an interest in the arts at a very early age, beginning to draw as soon as I could hold a crayon. By the time I entered high school I had already earned a reputation with students and teachers for my ability to draw with photographic precision. From there, my artistic career evolved and branched off in many directions.My inspiration comes from all kinds of things, and changes with the seasons. I draw from the aesthetics and moods of music, nature, film, paintings, weather, and people. I am particularly inspired by the works of Jaime Ibarra and Miss Aniela, as well as the music of Interpol, Lana Del Rey, and Conjure One.

I absolutely love art; I live and breathe art.
If I couldn’t be creative anymore I truly believe I’d have lost my purpose in life, that purpose being to create beauty from inspiration and emotions.

I believe that being a photographer does not necessarily make one an artist. One can learn how to take a picture, but one cannot learn how to be creative. True artists do not just capture moments – they create them. As a master graphic designer and avid painter, I bring my expertise in design and painting into my photographic work to compose images that are compelling, vivid, and expressive. I’ve heard people say that anyone can pick up a camera and take a picture. However, it takes an artist to make that picture interesting.
Mastering an art does not mean one knows everything there is to know about it – there is always room to grow, and steady growth is important throughout an artist’s life. I am actively seeking knowledge and trying to learn or create new techniques to advance my work, so my photography is in a constant state of evolution. I am not content to retire myself to a single style or category, like landscapes or street photography; I am continuously exploring every avenue of photography that interests me.I have of a number of projects going currently. Having just shot my first wedding (you can see the photos here), I have a newfound love for the art and would like to shoot more weddings this year. I am also working on doing some more experimental portraiture, both visually and conceptually. And of course, my series of landscape work is always ongoing and continually evolving. I plan on traveling around the United States this year to shoot both beautiful landscapes and capture moody street images in cities like Seattle.