Lindsay McCrum

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@lindsaymccrum New York City/San Francisco

Lindsay McCrum is a fine art and portrait photographer residing in San Francisco and New York City.

With her classic beauty, artist Lindsay McCrum, 28, looks as though she might have been created by one of the great painters she most admires—Velasquez or Giotto. Fittingly enough, McCrum uses the work of the old masters to set her own standards. “Don’t compete with your peers,” says Lindsay. “Compete with the old masters. That’s what I do.”

McCrum will give an indication of how she’s measuring up at her first one-woman show, later this month. About 20 of her works, priced from $1,800 to $5,000, will be on display in New York’s Ericson Gallery. “Lindsay has ambition and she’s a professional,” says Takis Efstathiou, Eric-son’s director. “Combined with her talent, there’s no other answer but that she’ll make it.” McCrum describes her stark, medieval-looking landscapes and abstract collages as “a fusion of past and present myths. You’re seeing older things in a more modern context.”

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