Bevan Wendy

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On first looking at Bevan’s photography, there’s a sense of gravitas and maturity that belies the artist’s youthfulness and fashion-orientated background. The rich poetry of her work creates a romantic atmosphere that throws us in to another era, it draws us into a world of ambiguity and uncomfortable narratives. Bevan is known for her surreal aesthetic, and a tender, sympathetic portrayal of the feminine form – a refreshing alternative to the glossy, digitally manipulated imagery that proliferates today. The haunting women in her images are often captured in moods vacillating from what appears to be serenity and calm; to deep melancholy and near-madness; these women appear to be influenced by a vision of the past, of which now a thin painterly light surrounds the subject, and filters the maze of emotions which Bevan so clearly examines. Harking back to a golden age of silent films, Bevan’s pictures feature femmes fatales. In her recent exhibition, The Pain of Desire, in London; Bevan examined how an idealised concept of female beauty and success can cause pain and suffering. The photographs are both brutal and beautiful and in a variety of contorted and anguished poses, celebrate the form of the female nude, but with undertones of madness, self inflicted violence and claustrophobia.